Jungle Safari-Tadoba

Jungle Safari Tadoba

Tadoba Tour Package Includes :-


Note : 6 person group can be accomodated for this rate of 10,000.

Jungle Safari

Tour Planning Tadoba

Wildlife Safaris in Tadoba Andhari National Park:

Wildlife,Jeep Safaris are the ideal way of exploring the Indian land. In fact, jungle safari tours have added excitement and fun to the journey. There are number of ways to cover the Tadoba Andhari National Park. Tadoba Andhari National Park endorses Jeep Safari, Horse Safari, Bird Safari, Elephant Safari, Fishing safari and the Nature walk.

You can explore the richness of flora and fauna with the Safari that unfolds the beauty of the Tadoba Sanctuary in India. Wildlife Safari of this park is a delight for adventure lovers and wildlife photographers. Away from the confines of mundane life, the Corbett Jeep safari is a journey into the world that is still untouched by mechanization. The Indian wildlife safari explores the basic wilderness still alive in the Tadoba Andhari National Park. Several species of deer, sloth bear, wild boar, fresh water dolphin, leopard, the marsh mugger and gharial crocodiles, over 450 species of birds and the elusive, nocturnal Royal Bengal tiger…you can find them at the verdant Tadoba Andhari National Park.

Tour Services Tadoba

Tadoba National Park Wildlife Jeep Safari Timings:

The park normally opens at 0600 hrs in the morning and is open till about 1100 hrs in the morning. However tourists who are booked for full day safari spend the time from 1130 Hrs – 13safari00 Hrs at any of the rest houses inside the forest and do bird watching, or can take rest on machaan and enjoy the wildlife. In the afternoon the park timings usually are from 1430 to 1730. However depending on the season the timings change locally which the forest authorities of Tadoba National Park notify.

Best Time to visit Tadoba National Park:

One can visit Tadoba Andhari National Park and do the wildlife day safari anytime round the year, depending upon his convenience and purpose of visit. However the beat time to come to Tadoba National Park is between October to June every year.

Winter (September - March):

Days are clear and pleasant, Nights get cold. Great time for bird-watching and Tiger sighting in Tadoba National Park.

Summer (April to June):

Hot days with pleasant nights. Ideal time for sighting animals, especially elephants and Tigers in Tadoba National Park.

Monsoon (July - August):

Humid days and nights. Great time for walks and trekking. Because of less crowd and rush probability of sighting animals. Good for observing flora in Tadoba National Park.

Booking Procedure of Wildlife Jeep Safari in Tadoba Park:

All the Safari’s are booked by the Forest Department as well as private parties& it is completely at the discretion of the forest department. However there are restriction of number of vehicles which can enter in each zone and it is strictly followed .

We can provide you the Gypsy facilty for safari. Are alos other vehicle like Bolero and othe Cars can me made available for Tadoba- Andhari

Tiger Safari package.

Entry Gate for Booking Procedure of Wildlife Jeep Safari in Tadoba Park:

All the Safari’s are booked by the Forest Department & it is completely at the discretion of the forest department. However there are restriction of number of vehicles which can enter in each zone and it is strictly followed .The Entry Points are at Kolara gate Tadoba,Mohurli gate Tadoba,Navegaon gate Tadoba, Khadsangi Gate Tadoba.


Booking Procedure for Stay in Tadoba Park:

Private parties booking can be provided at various resorts and Hotels lodging in Tadoba and nearby vicinity. Nature stay facilities are available. The resorts & Hotels are normal, AC, Deluxe Category. We can Provide you the stay which is the Nature Stay along with the

environmental beauty.

We are taking bookings for Tadoba tiger safari from Nagpur,Pune, Mumbai, nashik, Kolhapur, Amravati, Thane Directly.


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